My Best learning Experience Of 2011

My best learning experience would have to be when I went on a school trip to Hongoeka Marae in Plimmerton.  I learned a lot when we were there like all the Maori stories and history, but I think the best would be our Haka there was a man who made the Haka for us it was all about our School, he made the actions and words to it and then taught it to us. It was really fun because I learned it with all my friends and it is all about our School.  If you want to learn more about our Marae trip look at my post called The School Marae Trip.

My Narrative Story


Spurfs are little green creatures that live in the forest,Papa Spurf created them all 99 Spurfettes and one Spurf, they all live in their own little mushroom houses in a village.   But all is not well in the forest there is an evil witch named Lady Ga Ga Mel who wants to capture the Spurfs.

Chapter 1

The Spurf and Spurfettes were out collecting food and supplies, while some Spurfettes were looking after the village.  Meanwhile Lady Ga Ga Mel was planning her attack on the spurfs village, She hid in the bushes and saw them come back to the village without all the supplies because one of the Spurfettes was bitten by a snake.  They said that they will have to go back the next day to get the supplies and they will need extra help so they will have to risk it with nobody guarding the village.

Chapter 2

The next day when the Spurfettes and Spurf were out Lady Ga Ga Mel was sneeking into the village she took some ingredients and went into Papa Spurf’s lab and mixed up a sleeping potion to she spayed it all over the village and hid in the bushes and waited until the Spurfettes came back.  meanwhile the Spurfettes were looking for supplies when Clumsy Spurfette got lost in the woods the others didn’t know she was gone and then they left. When they got back to the village Lady Ga Ga Mel watched as the Spurfettes slowly started yawning and getting tired.  Everyone was yelling and screaming at Papa Spurf  to make a potion to wake them all up but they were all too tired they need someone who wasn’t here when the potion was still in the air “Hey where’s Clumsy Spurfette”, one of the Spurfettes asked.  Everyone started looking for Clumsy Spurfette when they realised she must still be in the forest they all set up a search party to find her.  But because they were all feeling so tired and with no energy, searching for Clumsy Spurfette was the last thing on their mind.   So instead of searching they all lay down where they were and fell asleep. So now no one knew where they were in the forest and of course they were lost also.  What seemed like forever, but was only 10 minuntes one of the Spurfettes woke to someone shaking her.  The first thing she saw was Clumsy Spurfette and jumped up with joy.  She creid out and woke up all the others and they explained they had been searching for her to help them make a potion to give them back their energy.

Chapter 3

Clumsy suggested they follow her back to the village which they agreed to do.  After travelling for several hours and again feeling exhausted, they agreed they were lost!  This time Clumsy asked one of the other Spurfettes  – Brainey Spurfette – to be the leader.  She was very experienced in the forest and knew she would get them back.  They were closer than they thought and upon their arrival back at the Village, they discovered Lady Gaga Mel fast asleep under a tree.  They wanted to keep her under the spell for as long as they could.  Then Clumsy Spurfette mixed the potion and then gave it to each of the other Spurfettes.  They all felt so energised and full of life again and so happy to be back at the village safely with Clumsy.

Chapter 4

They had a meeting to decide what to go with Lady Gaga Mel.  Some said “Leave her”, others said “tie her up to a tree and leave her there”.  They finally all agreed to take her back to her castle while she was still asleep and then lock her in a room and quickly make their way back home.  They arrived at the castle, found her room and placed her in a chair.  They left her there to wake up on her own later on.  The Spurfettes had a look around the castle and found some food to eat.  Losing track of the time, Lady Gaga Mel was awaking.

She spied on them in the kitchen and saw them happily eating her food.  This made her very angry and she then cast a spell upon them which put them all back to  sleep again.  She had a big room with a lock and key and that is where she carried them to and left them with no water or supplies.

When they finally awoke several hours later, again it was Brainy Spurfette who came up with the grand idea of how to plan their escape.  They took the sheets off the beds in the room and tied each one to another to make a very long rope that they could slide down and make their runaway journey back to their village.

It was a matter of time before Lady Gaga Mel realised they had long gone.  When she had woken feeling somewhat different  – a Happy and Kind of witch, she decided to let them return to their village and live happily ever after.


The End

Johnny English at The New Movie Theatre

In the holidays I went to the new movie theatre with my friends Luca, Konor and Ethan.

We caught the bus from Luca’s house to Coastlands Mall.  Konor and I made the bus driver slightly angry because we both paid separately with a $20.00 note each and the fare was only $1.50.  This meant that we used up most of her small change.

Once we were at the Mall, we still had an hour to wait for the movie so we decided to buy the tickets early and then have some lunch at McDonalds.  Luca, Konor and I had two cheeseburgers each and Ethan had just a smoothie.  The lady, who took our order, said only these words “That is a lot of cheeseburgers”!

After that we just filled in time until the movie started, by looking around at the shops and walked through the mall a couple of times.

The movie we watch was called “Johnny English Reborn” and it was really really funny.  In the movie there was an old lady who was an assassin trying to kill Johnny,  When he thought he had tackled and starting beating her with a food tray, he then found out it was his boss’ mother.

Then at the end of the movie, he was about to be Knighted by the Queen, for the great deed he had done throughout the movie. The Queen  placed  the  sword on each of his shoulders and then screamed as she thrust it towards his head but he was quick enough to move out of the way to find that the Queen was actually the Assassin in a disguise.  She ran off down the hall where she then made a switch with the real Queen who then started beating again, but this time with a metal food tray, right  in front of his boss and other spies. They were all shouting at him to stop when security came in  with the real assassin and then he realised he was beating the real Queen.  “I wondered what his punishment was going to be?” The movie then finished, maybe there might be a another Part to it coming out for everyone to watch.

I really liked this movie and have recommended it to lots of my friends.

We then caught the bus back to Luca’s house and Luca had to pay for me, as my money was all spent on the first bus ride, movie and lunch – I only had 50 cents left!!!  On the bus Konor pushed the button to get off too early and we then had to walk four blocks.  But in the end we had to thank him because we had to go past a dairy and we were able to spend some more money on lollies.  My friends chipped in for me and I owed them a total of $1.70 which they said I didn’t need to pay back.  I hope.

Once back at Luca’s we just hung out for the rest of the day.

How To Relief Print With Polystyrene

For the last couple of days my class has been making and learning how to Print.  Printing is a type of art and for those of you who don’t know how to Print here is some instructions on how.

Your Goal is to have a piece of printing that looks like these.

What You Need:

  • Polystyrene

  • Ball Point Pen

  • Printing Ink

  • A piece of Paper and another piece of paper or card

  • Two Rollers

  • A Tray for Ink

  • News Paper

  • Tape

  1. First get your piece of paper ( the same size as your polystyrene) and draw your design onto it and if you are doing words in your design you must write the words and letters back-to-front or else they will be backwards I already new this but still made that mistake on my one above with New Zealand on it that is just the polystyrene but when I print it it will be backwards.

  2. Use the tape to stick your design to the polystyrene.  Then with a ball point pen draw over top of your design to make indentations onto the polystyrene.

  3. Now take off the tape and remove the paper then use the pen again to make the indentations a bit deeper but not pushing right through the polystyrene.

  4.  Then put the ink on the tray just a little bit though. Roll one of the rollers in it so the roller is completely covered, now roll the roller onto the polystyrene so it is completely covered.

  5. Place the polystyrene face down onto the card and use the clean roller to press down on it (quite hard).

  6. Peel off the paper or card and now you have your finished print!

You can try doing a multicoloured print or doing one on lino with lino cutting tools we are going to in my class but we did some practising on polystyrene first.

The School Marae Trip

IMG_5756On Thursday 30th March 2011 my school went to the Hongoeka Marae in Plimmerton.  The year 6,7 and 8 stayed over the night.  The junior school came for a day visit only.  We got welcomed onto the marae with a Powhiri (A moari wellcoming ceremony). After that we went to the paua farm while the juniors were told what the calvings and paintings in the Wharenui or Meeting house ment. In the Paua farm we learned the life cycle of a paua and all the different body parts, I never knew paua had teeth!

Then we had a ceremony for the juniors as they left, then we walked up the steep bush track to the Urupa which is moari for semmetary.  The view from on top of the hill was amazing, you could see from the rocks at the beach all the way to the South Island.  Everyone was playing around on the grassy hill,but it was a sacred place so we had to be respectful, as we left we had to wet our hands and flick water over our bodies to wash off the spirits. (You must do this every time you leave an Urupa.)

When we were back at the marae we got our sleeping-bags and chose where we wanted to sleep.  After that we just played around until dinner time. For dinner we had ham burgers, they were delishous.  Then we had ice-cream and hot chocolate for desert and went to bed.  Sirprisingly the teachers said lights off at 10 o’clock I thougt it would be eight thirty or nine, but even after 10 o’clock the hot chocolate kept everyone up alot longer, then when I finally started to yawn I still couldn’t get to sleep because of the snoring, the talking and the odd farting noise then the erruption of laughter.  In the end I did get to sleep, but it wasn’t for a while until I did.

In the morning we had toast or cereal for breakfast.  Then we played at the beach and outside the marae in the back area until about 12 o’clock and walked to the train staition but played at the beach until the train arrived.  On the train my friends and I sat in the same spot so we could talk to each other.

We arrived at school with half an hour left so we played on the computers, drew pictures and played board games until the school bell went off.  My time at the Hongoeka marae was really fun and I’m sure if anyone else went to a marae like this one they would have fun too.

My School Swimming Day

IMG_1274Finally it was friday,  but what’s so special about this friday?  It was our school picnic at the waikanae pools.  First we had to sit on a hill as other classes went to get changed, when everyone was in their we prepared for the Swimming Races.    First it was youngest to oldest in the width races and the width Relay,  then youngest to oldest in the length races and the length relay. 

After the races we were allowed to play in the pools.   I think it was quite funny as everyone ran down the hill because I saw atleast 3 people fall and roll down the hill and one of them being me, I was quite embarrassed.   once we were in the pool we played around for about three hours, then four of my friends and I swam underneath a floating mat and bent down the sides so we were underneath a tunnel shaped mat.   I was in front so I would take us over top of someone so they were in the tunnel too,  then we would yell as loud as we could and scare the living daylight out of them.

Then the Hydro slide opened it wasn’t very fun, but I still went on it about seven times. We were trying to find out how to position ourselves so we would slide down really fast, we found out that if you lay on your back and push out your shoulder blades so you’re on your feet and your shoulder blades.   We were going so fast that we would go flying out of the finish and sometimes crash into the steps to get out.

We hopped back in the pool but soon after we had to get out and go home, as everyone was getting on the bus to go back to school I was getting In my mum’s car to go straight home.I had a great time, and I bet everyone else did too.   I just can’t wait till next year.

All Blacks, Rugby Tricks

Here’s a video of afew All Blacks doing some tricks that they do at training. (I think they’re just showing off) but some of the things they do are pretty cool and on the last trick that they do there’s gotta be a mirror in front of him or someone making a sign to tell him when the ball is coming.  Anyway enjoy the video.

I Moved House

Our family has shifted to Otaihanga. Its really cool because we have a HUGE backyard with lots of trees and places that we can make huts, slide down hills and we are close to the river. I will miss our other house as I had lived there for 10 1/2 of my 11 years. We have a large fish pond with lots of gold fish. Our cat Smudge loves chasing the birds, we may get her a bell to wear so that the birds can hear her coming.

Because we are renting, the rule is we are not allowed to break any branches off trees but with the heavy wind we have had, lots of branches have come down that Angus and I can cut up for firewood.

We had some friends over in the holidays and they really love playing outside. Our dad is assemblying the trampoline in the next day or so which will be fun.

My Book Trailer

In my class, some people have been making book trailers. I did mine on Geroniomo Stilton-Shipwreck on the Pirate Islands. I liked this book because I like mystery books. This is my favourite mystery of all! Enjoy the book trailer.